Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whats new?

What a loaded question.  

Well long story short in the fertility world we used our last remaining embryo which did NOT result in a pregnancy so that is whats "new" on that front...a big, fat nothing.

On the job front, I have new hours.  I have gone back to scheduling and am now working from home in the evening and on the weekends.  This is allowing me to be at home during the day with Eli which is a lot of fun but also VERY tiring considering by the time I have worn both of us out I have to begin my work day.

On the blog front, I am going to begin my blogging again!  I had taken quite the hiatus but now that I am home I have more time to focus on stuff I want to do.  I am hoping this will help hold me accountable for the changes in my lifestyle I want to make.  My goal is to become a healthier and leaner person.  I have a lot of weight from the infertility treatments and my pregnancy with Eli left over.  Between that and Eli's picky eating habits, I plan to start a new lifestyle of healthy cooking and eating and blogging is going to (hopefully) hold me accountable.  I would LOVE if there is anyone reading this to post some of your fav. healthy recipes....and bonus points if I can actually get Eli to try it!

Well thats my overview today....hopefully I'll post on here more regularly and keep you up to date on my endeavors.  I am getting help with a friend on my menu planning/grocery shopping list next week (Friday is my shopping day).  I'll report back then on my findings at the grocery store :)

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Angie said...

I am glad you are blogging again. Sorry about the BFN. I know how devatating it is.