Monday, November 5, 2012

Back on the TTC bandwagon/ roller coaster

Well.....the FET didn't work out.  Everything went perfectly, the embryos looked great, my lining was awesome, but they just didn't make it.  They call it "implantation failure".   So we're taking a few steps back for a few months to try to save up to use our 1 remaining embryo and trying the clomid route again.
I had my P4 tested  this past Sat to make sure that I ovulated on October 27th like I suspected, and it came back at 10.95.  Its a little on the low side for a medicated cycle, but still indicates ovulation.  We'll keep things the same next cycle (assuming I am not pregnant) and try again.  I NEED to get better though at taking my metformin.  I hate the side effects so I haven't been taking super regularly or my prenatals....its SOOO hard to get my head in the game this time and really stick with it all.
Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be able to make Eli a little sibling!

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