Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here we come baby #2

I hope!!!!!!    We decided to try a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)!!!  

I can't believe how long is has been since I last blogged.  Eli has kept me a busy mommy.  He's sooo big now in the 95% for height and weight, is running and climbing.  He's not talking much but he learns new words ever week!  He LOVES to do the itsy bitsy spider and sing the ABC which for him is mostly saying the letter D while dancing :)   I love that kid soooo much that we decided to try to make him a big brother!

We met with the RE last month and discussed the FET costs and procedures.  We have 3 frozen embryos and told the doctor that we would like to transfer 2 like we did with Eli.  The success rates for a FET are significantly lower so I'm soooo scared to fail but the Dr. said he thinks we have a really good shot at this being successful.

This is all riding on me getting my bonus this month so I have another week and a half to do as much as I can at work  and if I do.....then we'll be starting the FET process with my next cycle.  The transfer is about 6 weeks from the start of your period and then another 2 weeks after that we'll know if it worked!   So we have at least another 2 months to see if this works or not

Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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