Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time Flies By!

Wow. Eli turned 4 months old on Friday. I cannot believe that my last posting was just around the time that he was 1 month old! I really have been a bad blogger. I'm finding that mommyhood leaves very little time for anything else. My scrapbooking has bone by the wayside as well as house cleaning, video gaming, you name it.

We have Eli's 4 month shots tomorrow. I'm guessing that he will be about 17 pounds or so! I jumped on the scale with him the other day I didn't just pull that number out of my head.

It is crazy how fast this kid is growing! He was 7 lbs 5 oz at birth and 4 days later was in the 20% percentile for weight when we took him in. At 2 months he'd grown 3 inches and was up to 13 lbs!!! 75th percentile for both height and weight.

Now at 4 months he has cut 2 teeth (his bottom 2) and is likely near 17 pounds. We'll see on the height. I am eager to see just how big he is..however I'm not looking forward to the shots. His 2 month shots didn't go so well and he ended up with a fever and achy legs all evening long..poor baby :(

He's been soooooo super fussy lately with this teething thing. The bottom two teeth cut through the beginning of this last week and he's still extremely drooly and fussy. We've tried just about anything I can think of.

I keep saying I'm going to be a better blogger and I will try. Here are some pics to get caught up on from the last few months!!

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January smiles..
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And February (his 4 month birthday)...
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Well there is a very brief update of the last 3 months! I hope I can get to blogging more regularly!
Good night!

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