Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well...he's here! Birth story (long)

Sorry I have been a bad blogger....being a mommy takes a LOT of time! I had no idea how things would change once he got here. I had previously thought "oh I've babysat...I can handle this no problem!" I find that pretty funny. Its pretty much like nothing you've ever experienced before. Yes the principles are the same, diapering, feeding, burping. However...trying to be the parents figuring out why the diapers are leaking and which brand doesn't leak as often on your baby, how your baby burps easiest, what foods (if you're not breastfeeding) make baby happy and which ones make him spit up non stop, and if you are breastfeeding how the heck to do it and keep baby well fed (that was my problem)!

So here is whats been going on...Eli is now 2 weeks old! I can't believe how fast time is really makes me kinda sad. He was born on 10/11 via scheduled induction. I was 39 weeks pregnant and really having a lot of aches, pains, swelling etc and ready to just have him be on the outside.

Joe and I went to the hospital on Sunday night at 9pm. They got us checked into our labor and delivery room..the idea that we were going to come out with a baby was so surreal still at this point..even as they showed me the tag that would go on his umbilical clamp so nobody could steal him.

The first thing was my iv fluids, then the cervical check and a gel inserted to help ripen things up in there so the active labor part would hopefully not take long. I expected this whole process to take quite awhile and not have a baby until late Monday or possibly early Tuesday. When the nurse checked me she was shocked to find that I was already 3cm dilated and said most first timers don't come in that far along already and that she would bet we would have a baby by 2pm on Monday ( I was thrilled to hear that).

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After then inserted the meds, I started feeling REALLY bad period like cramps...but it wasn't timeable and wasn't showing up as a contraction on the monitors. They gave me a sleeping pill to help me sleep which didn't really then they gave me some iv meds and I quickly passed out. At about 4am they started the pitocin ( I think...that's what they said the were going to do..but I slept through it). I do sort of recall them waking me up at 6am to break my water. I was still in that drug induced fog so most of my memories are kinda vague. At that point I remember being pretty uncomfortable ( I assume it was contractions) so they checked my cervix again and this time I was at 4cm dilated. They told me I could get the epidural now if I wanted and so I did. I was really scared that it would hurt...but the most I felt was my muscle twitch. The doc asked what that was...and I just remember thinking ( um it felt like a muscle spasm to me..but aren't you the anesthesiologist? shouldn't you know?).

Well...I don't recall a thing after I got the epidural cause I quickly passed out again (I must have been comfortable). At 8am my OB came in before heading to his office to see how things were going. Keep in mind that 2 hours prior I was only dilated to 4cm and they kind of expect you to dilate a cm an they probably hoped to see me at a 6. Well lo and behold he told me I was full and ready to push! He left the room and I only had Joe and one other nurse with me ( as another girl was pushing at the same time).

Pushing wasn't all that painful really with the epidural. I could feel when I needed to....It was almost like a strong urge to poo lol. And my hind end is where he felt like he was coming from! It took an hour and a half almost of pushing and my little man appeared at 10:21 am. As soon as his head came out they saw that his cord was wrapped VERY tightly around his neck and had to cut it away. I felt him slide out and they plopped him quickly on my belly. I looked up at Joe and he looked amazed. I reached to my belly and felt my little man...but he wasn't crying or anything...I started to worry. They whisked him away to the warmer behind Joe. I remember telling Joe to stand over to the side so I could see what they were doing...but he later told me he was purposefully blocking my view. They were trying to get my little guy to breathe.

Finally I heard a was very soft at first but continued to grow in intensity. Relief came over me as I realized they were stitching me up. I had started to tear and the doc also had to cut a couple of times. I ended up with a 4th degree episiotomy *(not fun!) and he just kept stitching and stitching. At this point I realized I could pretty much feel pain..but tried to just focus on my little guy.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well...thats about all I can type for now...I think i should probably try to get a nap in since Eli is napping and last night was rough. I'll update more soon hopefully with pics from his first bath etc!

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Angie said...

Congratulations!!! Eli is a very handsome little boy.