Friday, August 27, 2010

32 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks....can't believe how close we are getting!!!

Total Weight Gain: yeah so we are no longer discussing this lol

Maternity Clothes: getting sick of them....everything just looks awful on me now

Stretch Marks: None on the belly but I do on my left hip and down the back of my left thigh. I swear it looks like an animal tried to crawl up my butt lol.

Best Moment this Week: getting to go back to the office 4 hours a day!!!!

Movement: He's starting to slow down with active times being in the am around 5-6 and about 10pm at night. It feels like im getting shiatsu massaged from the inside

Food Cravings: I'd like to eat ice cream every day :)

Labor Signs:Contractions have tapered off...was thinking I was leaking fluid..but turns out I'm just wetting myself (lovely huh?)

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: it went flat!!!!!! this seemed ro haooen all of the sudden.

looking forward to my third shower this weekend!!!! its up in tiffin!!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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