Wednesday, August 4, 2010

29 weeks!!!

Wow!! Time is actually going fairly quickly! I can't believe next week we will be 3/4 of the way done (assuming he stays in all 40 weeks). Quite frankly I would be perfectly happy to have him here around 37-38 weeks when he is full which case that means we have only about 7-9 more weeks left!!!

We had another doc appt today which went really well. My weight hasn't gone up in 2 weeks (which I guess is good since it went up 7 in one week about 3 weeks ago.) I passed the one hour glucose tolerance test (losing a bet to Joe). My blood pressure was back down from what it was last week ( I think). And my cervical length is at a nice and long 4.3!!!! The doc wants to repeat the FFN next week and if it is negative then I wont have to do the weekly cervical length ultrasounds anymore. So overall a great appt. He also said that if Eli did decide to be born at this point he would be perfectly fine....would just require some hospital time to grow a little bit more.

Last Sunday Joe and I decided to go do another 3d ultrasound (this was my bday gift from him). It was a GREAT experience. Little guy decided to have his hands and feet in the way for a great portion of it....but we did get him to move them away enough to get some really cute pics of his face. We even caught a big yawn on video. Joe wasn't so sure about doing this at first I think...but he said it was worth the money just to see that adorable yawn.

Well here are this weeks belly pics and my ultrasound pics! He was weighing in at approximately 3lbs0oz on Sunday, 28wk6days.

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