Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looks like I will have a lot of time on my hands.

Sorry I've not blogged in a LONG time...but I can blog lots now! Lol..of course....being on bed rest means not much will be happening if you wanna hear stories of world of warcraft or the like then I'm sure I could entertain.

So here's the scoop....
Since 20 weeks I had been having a TON of contractions all day everyday. My doc told me not to worry not to worry etc. I of course was worried and went into the hospital where I was told I was in fact contracting and had "irritable uterus".

So I go in for my follow up and get scolded for worrying......this results in me switching docs.

Scan ahead to 25wk2days to my first baby shower. Things are fine..but I'd been having more pain with my contractions ..more down there ya know? So anyhow....I decided the following day to call my doc just to see what they say. I thought it was probably normal pushing on things as did Joe. They said I could go to the hospital to get it checked.

I really wasn't wanting to do this....and Joe was like..nah your fine don't worry. But i just kept worrying..even though I'd been feeling a bit better. Eventually we went in.

Turns out I was having contractions 5 min apart. Cervix still was 1cm dilated at outer os and closed at inner os which was good....however....the FFN test came back positive. Now if this test comes back negative you're 98% not going to go into labor in next 2 weeks. If it comes back may or you may not.

In a whirlwind I was admitted to the hospital. They started me on magnesium sulfate, iv fluids, and gave me 1 of 2 steroid injections. the iv fluids just to hydrate me, the magnesium is basically a strong soft tissue relaxer (it sucks by the way) and the steroids to strengthen the babies lungs just in case.

They did an ultrasound yesterday to check to see how big Eli is ...he is measuring between 27-28 weeks and is a whopping 2 pounds and 3 oz!!! Quite a big boy for being only 25week 4 days!! :) Which does help his chances for early survival. My cervix was also at a 4 so that is awesome! The mfm (specialist) really liked that my cervix was holding tight amid all these contractions and thought that has a better indicator than anything else so we're happy about that.

So today we are home. I am not on any meds as of now since they didn't feel there was a need. If he comes early, he's had steroids to get him ready..but I don't think they're TOO worried about that since my cervix looks good. I AM on bed rest indefinitely so I'll be around! Only allowed up to potty and make a sandwich at this point (as the doc put it). Hopefully we'll get further along and things will continue to look ok and then i MAY have a few restrictions lifted..but we shall see!
Here are a couple pics from 4th of July. Don't have any from my shower yet...waiting on others to get those to me :)

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Angie said...

I hope everything works out. I have been reading your updates on the bump. I am here if you need anything.