Thursday, July 29, 2010

28 weeks!

Well here we are at the magical number 28. The doc said that babies born at 28 weeks have about the same survival rate as full term babies (but do require a couple of months NICU time though to bulk up and get some help). So that does make me feel better at this point. I still freak out though because he has been a little bit less active ( although i still feel him multiple times a day). I guess he's just working out his sleeping patterns and dozing off when I'm looking for him to be moving.

Last night we were laying in bed and I could feel him stretching out it was so cute! I felt a hard bump on my right side (literally out my side) and some movement down in my left hip. I had Joe feel the lump and then it went away, and came back again. The last few ultrasounds he's been head down with his head right on my cervix so I'm supposing those are little feet sticking out my right ribs.

My doc appt this week went relatively well. He had been concerned with my weight gain (7 lbs in one week) the last appt. Well this time I actually lost a pound so he was happy to see that. However my blood pressure which is usually so low was very elevated. Hopefully that is better next time. My cervical length ultrasounds are going to be done at the OB so I don't have to go to 2 appts a week anymore. Which is kinda nice, but I really enjoyed the MFM. Length yesterday was 3.9 on average so that was good to know.

We had my 2nd baby shower last weekend hosted by my friend Erica. That was very nice! Got a TON more baby clothes and other various items that are super cute. Now that I was all caught up on thank you's I have a bunch more to start working on!

Here's the pic for week 38....definitely getting bigger!!

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