Thursday, May 27, 2010

19.5 weeks

I'm sure I'll try to post again at 20....but this week was SO crazy that I hadn't been really able to blog until now! One HUGE event this week was my mom receiving a pancreas transplant! She had hers removed in December of 2004 and has been waiting for a pancreas ever since. When we had started to feel it would never happen, she called and stated she was on her way to a hospital about 9 hours away and would hopefully have a new pancreas in the morning. Sure enough it happened! We drove up there monday, and drove her back home on Tuesday. She was up there only about 5 days and was the fastest turn around time for a transplant patient in the history of the hospital.

In other news, I'm now 19.5 weeks and ALMOST 1/2 way done! I'm so happy we've made it this far and can't WAIT for him to keep growing!

How Far Along: 19.5 weeks

Total Weight Gain: unsure, somewhere over 10 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Have been in them for awhile and still love them cause they are comfy

Stretch Marks: watching for them but haven't found any yet

Best Moment this Week: My mom getting her pancreas

Movement: I've felt many flutters lately. Sometimes he'll get in a few good punches...i even think i MAY have felt one from the outside Tuesday night!

Food Cravings: pretty much anything....bbq and french toast this week, but if we start talking about food...i'll pretty much want whatever is being mentioned.

Labor Signs:None thank goodness! Hopefully this stays this way for about 17-20 more weeks :)

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Innie (might be getting a bit shallower?

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: My anatomy scan tomorrow....hopefully he looks all healthy!!

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