Thursday, April 22, 2010

14.5 weeks

Sorry....I've been a bad blogger this week. I didn't even do a belly pic for some reason! I guess I got busy (have no clue with what) and just didn't get it done! Anyhow, just a quick update tonight....there really aren't many updates. I THINK I might be beginning to feel some very faint movement, which is quite exciting. I'm really not sure if i am feeling what I think I'm feeling though.

Also under big "semi big" developments is that Joe let me schedule an elective ultrasound! I found a place that will do gender ID at 14 weeks and will give you 100% money back if they were wrong! So I figure, whats too lose right? Also, they must be pretty good, cause how could they stay in business if they gave 1/2 their clients money back. I hope this is sound thinking. I'm also hoping this little one is looking nice and strong and healthy and that he/she wont be shy about showing us the parts lol :)

I'll post more Monday night when we get back!

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Baby Feuker said...

Hey! I have been following your blog- im from the bump! I just wanted to day glad you talked the hubby into an elective ultrasound- i had to talk mine into it too! Im going at 15 weeks 6 days! Good luck with yours!