Monday, February 8, 2010


I got another positive on my digital this I was exciting. My nurse told me we couldn't bump up my beta so I was sad about that but ready to just assume that things were going well. Until I went to the bathroom at work. I had brown spotting. It is getting heavier and heavier, but it is still brown. My nurse said just take it easy but that we're not going to move my beta date up. I'm so so scared that I'm loosing this pregnancy. I am aware it can be normal, but my last miscarriage started this way as well so I'm not feeling extremely optimistic. I'm hanging out laying almost flat on my back today only getting up to go potty and let the dogs out when I need to. Please send all thoughts to my babies in hopes that they're still growing healthy and that this pregnancy results in a full term healthy baby.

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Jen J. said...

Praying for you sweety!