Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the Road with IVF#1

So I'm now starting week 3 of the BCP and noticed some light spotting...I guess that can be normal as some other girls on the bump have also noticed this. I start the first round of my injections Tuesday (Lupron). I'm really nervous about this. They put some syringes in my box, but they didn't add any needles to put on after I draw up the it ok to use the same needle to do both? I know with my PIO they included both syringes and injection needles...hmm. I had my sonohystegram and mock transfer on New Years Eve. For me it was rather painful. I got really crampy and just about passed out after I sat up. Luckily I made it home and everything looked ok with the test so that is good.
I have been reading other blogs to see what to expect from this process. Its kinda frightening. I know I should expect bloat and some discomfort...but I guess seeing pics of it you realize just HOW MUCH that is and what that means. I am totally ok with it as its for the good of being a mother....but is pretty scary. The thing that scares me the most is that this MIGHT NOT work. I keep trying to remind myself that. And if that is the case, we really don't have money to try again ( this is going on credit cards as it is). But my hopes are already up ( and i haven't started stimming yet). I keep telling dh that its going to end up being twins. One boy and one girl and that we'll need to convert our other bedroom to a nursery one is already a fully furnished nursery. (My mom bought us baby furniture when I was pg the last time...and we decided to put it up as a reminder of everything we're working towards).
Well thats all for now...I'll try to post again soon! Wish me luck!

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