Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Day of BCP

I never thought I'd be so excited for AF to show up. The Lupron injections are now going smoothly. I started those Tuesday morning and was so nervous. I decided I wanted to do them myself. I found its kinda like ripping off a bandaid...just do it quickly and it will be over with and not even hurt. It was very very empowering feeling being able to do that without any help. I have pretty much had every side effect in the book at varying times. I usually get REALLY sleepy about 11-2 and then when I get home from work I just feel too work out to do much of anything. Dh has been really good and very supportive in helping out a lot around the house.
I feel like today is another BIG day in the step towards my forever baby. I just finished my last BCP. Now the wait for AF begins. The nurse practitioner set up a calendar for me and estimated that AF would come next Tuesday. If that is the case, and I stim for 10 days, then I'd be on schedule for the ER on 1-26 and the ET on 1-29. I'm ok if it varies cause I know it does...I'm just so READY to get this show on the road. That doesn't mean i'm not extremely nervous though either.
I have had 2 BFP. One of my babies I had actually seen her heart beating 3 times, and she looked healthy. So I'm so scared that even if this DOES get me pregnant...that my baby wont stick around. Which is all I really baby to stick around and be born healthy. I hate having to be so worried and paranoid. But I guess thats what comes with this IF crap :(

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