Wednesday, January 20, 2010

follie check #1

So yesterday we went in for bloodwork and follie check#1 after 5 days of stims. I so far have done 4 days at 300 and 1 at 250 units of follistim. My lining was really good at 7mm so I was happy about that. I had too many follies to really keep track of but they were all around the 10-11 mm range..which i guess is ok. The doc seemed happy with everything until we got my E2 levels back. They had gone from 206 to over 800 in 2 days!!! So he's lowering my follistim dose to 175 tues night and then 200 wed night and I'll go back for another check tomorrow (thursday). I'm really hoping my E2 has slowed down just a bit and that my follies are starting to take off on growth.
Another girl on the board has OHSS and its really got me worried....although my nurse said that in all her years with the practice they have never landed anyone in the ER getting fluid pumped out of their bellies. SO I guess thats a relief. I just don't want to be the first.
SO..all you little follies in there....please be growing nice and big so I don't have to give myself TOO many more follistim injections. Thank you! :)

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