Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fert Report #2 and ET tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our Embryo Transfer! It'll be a 5 day transfer and I'm really hoping we have some blastocysts of good quality to pick from!!! I'm getting really scared. Scared that it wont work and also scared of the procedure. My mock transfer cramped me so back that i about got sick..but hopefully the valium will help with that.

We got a second fert report yesterday and as of then we had some little rockstars! We still had all 14 embies growing! On a scale from 1-4 (and they like to see them at 8 cells sometime on day three) we had 6- 8 cell grade 1, 4-8 cell but lower rating, 2-7 cell and 2-6 cell. They say alot can die off between then and tomorrow so I'm really hoping that we had a few hang in there and will be our sticky baby in there!

Wish us luck...i'll try to post again tomorrow as I'll be on bedrest...maybe I'll even figure out how to post a pic of our embies!

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