Sunday, January 31, 2010

The embryos are home!

We transferred 2 good looking blastocysts today! All my others are still only at the morula stage so i'm really hoping that they grow so we have some to freeze and don't have to do a fresh all over again...i have no idea when we'd be able to afford it.

One embie is bigger than the other becuase its an expanded blastosyst which is the final stage before it starts hopefully we'll be implanting here soon!!!

I hate this not knowing whats going on with them anymore. I'm happy they are with me...but now i have no clue what is happening to them!

I am also feeling really depressed that I told so many people about this now. My mom posted a facebook status all about it and i know she is excited. Joe was so excited this morning too after the transfer. I just feel like this wont work and then i'll disappoint everyone all over again like when we had the miscarriages...i hate being a failure anda a disappointment and yet its unavoidable.

Please stick my little babies. we want you to grow big and strong and meet you in about 9 months
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