Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back from ER!

The retrieval went much better than I had expected! I had 26 eggs!!!!! I'm super proud of that number! I'm not in much pain but that could be due to the fact i've had xanax this morning, the IV from the procedure, and now oxycodone...so really I'm enjoying these meds. I'm just a little nervous about my high risk for OHSS. So I'm drinking up on gatorade..watching my urine output and weight daily.

They were originally saying that we'd do a 3dt so my embies would be back home on Friday. Well....with my excellent number of eggs they are talking about a 5 dt...which i'm nervous about but also happy. I hope that raises my rate for a successful pregnancy! I know our fert. rate will probably be lower due to Joe's low morph problem....but please send me lots of thoughts for a LOT of healthy embies :)

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