Thursday, January 21, 2010

2nd follie check

So I had another follie check and e2 drawn today. I still have a TON of follies. One thing they are happy about is how nicely they are all staying close in size. A good majority of them are 13mm now which is ok, i have a couple 12 and quite a few that are still about at 10. My lining dropped just a bit to 6.9mm which i wasn't very happy about but my RE didn't mention anything about it.

My E2 is the part they are concerned with though. It doubled again making it now 1637 i think. So yeah....I have to get MORE blood drawn tomorrow and drop my follistim for tonight down to 150 units. They are debating on having me trigger sunday or monday. If my E2 slows down they'd like to hold out until Monday to give more follies more time to grow....but if it keeps going as it is...they wont risk me getting OHSS and have me go ahead and trigger on Sunday for an ER on Tuesday! Can't believe how close we're getting!!!

I just hope my E2 slows down...i really would love to have this done asap ...but i'd also like to get as many mature eggs as we can if that means we give them an extra day to grow..but i DEFINITELY don't want to risk OHSS either.

I guess we'll see what my E2 does tomorrow and then back for antoher E2 and ultrasound on Sat! keep ya posted!

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