Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok....So...remember how we were told we'd have to do invitro or spend a ton of money looking into my husbands sperm problem with having zero normal sperm? Well we gave up on trying and decided to go ahead and try adoption for our first baby. We paid no more attention to timing...I drank alcohol...I drank caffiene...and low and behold..last friday I got a positive pregancy test! I didn't think I was pregnant...but I had been having period like cramps off and on for a week, and aunt flo just didn't show. So I thought...what the heck...might as well take one and stop worrying about it.
So I took 4 and they all came back very positive!!!! Friday I went in for my first beta...came back with an HCG of 421 and a progesterone of 16.9. They put me on progesterone supplement but was very happy with the 421 as with my chemical pregnancy I never got above an HCG of 12!
Monday, Feb. 2, I had my second beta. I was sure that this wasn't going to last. Low and behold my HCG today is 1683~~ quadruple what it was on Friday! And all they look for is doubling! And, with the help of my supplement, my progesterone is up to 42.

Please please please keep your fingers crossed for us as we have a long way to go...tomorrow will be start of week 5! Thanks!

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