Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Metformin day 1

So this morning I woke up and went straight to the lab to get my fasting bloodwork on Day 3. Woohoo. I also decided when I got to eat breakfast I'd start my first dose of metformin. I had no clue how bad it would be. About 1.5 hours after taking this drug...I started to feel extremely dizzy and sick to my stomach. then the huge bouts of diarrhea set in. I had never had the runs so bad in all my life. Finally now after about 10-11 hours after taking the first dose....I can finally say I don't feel like I need to vomit and I havn't been on the pot in a couple of hours. Horray! Lets just get through this month, see if it triggers the O and if not move to clomid next month!.

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