Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend/ parenting skills

So this past weekend I've held so many of which I was about ready to just take home with me. The mother of this baby is an 18 year old girl who had an "accident" as she calls him (which in all honestly he was). It is so frustrating to see all these girls who have no business having babies and do not want them....and then to be a girl and know plenty out there who want them so badly but cannot seem to get pregnant. This mother was being rougher with her 7 month old than I thought she should be, but then again who am I to judge parenting skills. Not only that but when he cried she fed him anything ( i.e. coffee and doughnut this morning). Now is it just me...or should 7 month olds not be drinking coffee? Not just that, but entire wheat thins were given to this baby with 2 teeth and then he was left without her watching him.....this seems like a choking hazard to me. Sorry that was just my being judgemental...I'm not a parent so what do i know?

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